About Us

SharmirGems is a commercial site dedicated to the sale of fine gemstones and jewelry. Our small team is passionate about jewelry made of natural stones and precious metals. We also like to locate fine costume and vintage jewelry as long as the workmanship and look is enticing.

We sell a variety of items always based on what we find attractive. We sell native american jewelry that we consider more art than adornment. We sell Sterling Silver jewelry from around the world. We are located in the San Francisco Bay area and call the east bay our home. Shamir Gems has been recently recorded as an official business but we have been active in the trade as gem cutter and gem dealer for about 5 years. We have recently created this online store to complement the other web presences we have either of Facebook, Twitter and Etsy. Our team is very small and compose of two people in love with each other and with the work we do. You can contact Ephraim Schoenfeld at ephraim.schoenfeld@shamirgems.com and Liliane Sainfeld at liliane.sainfeld@shamirgems.com to see what we post on facebook follow us at xxx you can also visit our other store on Etsy where we post vintage jewelry items and handmade pieces